Raj Thackeray too hits out at BJP, calls it a termite

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After unveiling its blueprint for the state tagged with the punchline ‘He shakya aahe’ (it is possible) three days ago, Maharashtra Navnirman Sena (MNS) chief Raj Thackeray on Sunday attacked both BJP and Shiv Sena addressing his first campaign rally in Mumbai.

Raj Thackeray attacked BJP over breaking the alliance with its ally Shiv Sena and taking away its MLA (Ram Kadam). He said, ” There is no assurance about BJP. Whatever they are did was pre-planned. If I were in place of the Shiv Sena, I would have ditched them long back. How are they not even ashamed of taking away our MLA? BJP is a party, who slowly eat away like termite,” he added.

He said that if Balasaheb Thackeray was alive today, he would have ditched BJP.  He added, “Even after being insulted, Shiv Sena is still holding the union ministry portfolio. Sena is still in alliance with BJP in Mumbai Municipal Corporation as it is an income source.”

Thackeray also claimed that Senior BJP leaders like Atul Bhatkhalkar and Sadhashiv Lokhande were willing to join MNS during last elections. However he criticised Sena for offering Deputy Chief Minister post to RPI leader Ramdas Athawale, calling it a joke.

Appealing people to vote for MNS Raj Thackeray said, “Give the power in the hands of MNS, I will show you what self-respect is. If no party gets majority in the assembly polls, the state will slip back 15 years. The blue print of MNS is a promise,” he added.

He mentioned that though there are tough laws for giving weapon license in Maharashtra, there is no check on the weapons that migrants carry with them. Thackeray said, ” Once the MNS is in power, my government will keep a watch on every migrant. We will close down all private security agencies and will start government agencies.”

Demanding autonomous status for Maharashtra, he said, “We will run railways on our own. The state will not need Centre’s help.”

Pointing out the increasing number of slums in Mumbai, Thackeray said that the day MNS comes to power, it will be the last day of the new slums in the state and that the state government will run the SRA schemes. He added, “Slum Redevelopment Scheme (SRA) is good, but the number of slums are increasing because outsiders get free homes. The builder who run the SRA schemes are the one who are responsible for increasing slum in the state.”

He made an announcement for women so that they could have the house of their own after marriage, Thackeray said, “If a husband registers the house in the name of his wife then no tax will be levied on that house. However, I have no intention of gaining votes by making this announcement.”

Taking a dig at the nexus between politicians and builders, he said, “You can get good roads of international standard. Its not a rocket science. When there are good roads in neighbouring states, why are they not in Maharashtra. It is just because of the nexus. The same contractors get the contracts again and again. If the opposition had done its work properly, then the Congress-NCP government would not have ruled the state for 15 years,” he added.

Thackeray expressed his desire to do something for the state. He said ” Earning money is not my business, I want to work for the state. My blue print is ready and hence, after coming to power I will not have to think how to run the state.”

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