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Civil Engineer allegedly took to Jitendra Awhad’s bungalow by cops, brutally thrashed by minister’s men for posting a morphed photo

A 40-year-old civil engineer from Thane has alleged that the cops took him to Maharashtra Minister Jitendra Awhad's...


You, Me and Poetry: A meet of young and old that encourages, nurtures and nourishes talent

It's a Thursday evening, and a like-minded crowd is already gathering at a cafe in Thane. The venue...


निसर्गरम्य पर्यटनस्थळांची माहिती

मुंबईच्या गोंगाटात, मोबाईलच्या हव्यासात दिवस दिवस घामेजून जातो. कितीही बॉडीस्प्रे मारा यार.. पण जरा पाऊस बरसला की, त्या...