165 newly elected MLAs of Maharashtra with criminal charges

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As many as whooping 165 of the 288 newly elected member in Maharashtra legislative assembly (MLAs) have criminal cases against themselves. Out of them, 115 MLAs have serious charges including murder, attempt to murder, bringing communal disharmony, kidnapping and crime against women.

According to the analysis of the elected MLAs affidavit by Maharashtra Election Watch and Association for Democratic Reforms (ADR) the number of MLAs with criminal background have gone up by 4% compared to 2009 assembly election, which had 52% MLAs with criminal background. Similarly there has been increase in percentage of MLAs with serious criminal charges against them. 40% of the MLAs have serious criminal cases up 7% compared to 2009, when there was serious charges against 86 (33%) MLAs.

Bhartiya Janata Party, tops the list with 74(61%) of 122 elected MLAs having criminal cases. 48 (76%) elected MLAs of Shiv Sena, 15 (36%) MLAs of Congress and 19 (46%) MLAs of Nationalist Congress Party have also criminal cases against them.

In the just concluded election BJP has won 122 seats, Shiv Sena 63 seats, Congress 42 seats, NCP 41 seats and MNS just 1 seat. Hyderabad based party MIM has won 2 seats, marking a surprising entry into Maharashtra politics.

The analysis, which was done on the basis of self-sworn affidavits filed by the candidates also says 51 out of 165 MLAs have declared that the charges for the criminal cases have already been framed by the court.

The ADR report further added, “3 MLA’s have declared cases related to murder out of which two are from BJP and one from Shiv Sena. Whereas, 11 MLAs have declared cases related to crime against women of which 5 are from BJP and 6 from Shiv Sena. 3 MLAs declared cases related to causing communal disharmony.” Interestingly, 14 MLAs, including 5 fielded by BJP, 6 from Shiv Sena, 2 from NCP and 1 CPI(M) elected member have cases related to dacoity. Also, 3 MLAs from BJP, 5 MLAs from NCP and 1 MLA from Shiv Sena are facing charges related to kidnapping.

According to analysis, 108 members have been re-elected to 2014 state assembly. Compared to 2009, the average assets have also grown by 157 % i.e., Rs 8.47 crore


– 165 (57%) MLAs with criminal cases

– 115 MLAs with serious criminal cases

– 253 (88%) MLAs are crorepati

– Rs. 10.87 crores is an average asset of MLAs

Education of newly elected Legislators

– 03 MLAs: Literate

– 09 MLAs: 5th Pass

– 15 MLAs: 8th Pass:

– 46 MLAs: 10th Pass:

– 54 MLAs: 12th Pass

– 70 MLAs: Graduate

– 28 MLAs: Post Graduate

– 49 MLAs: Graduate Professional

– 07 MLAs: Doctorate

– 08 MLAs: Other education

Criteria for serious criminal cases
1. Offence for which maximum punishment is of 5 years or more.
2. If an offence is non-bailable
3. If it is an electoral offence (for eg. IPC 171E or bribery)
4. Offence related to loss to exchequer
5. Offences that are assault, murder, kidnap, rape related
6. Offences that are mentioned in Representation of the People Act (Section 8)
7. Offences under Prevention of Corruption Act
8. Crimes against women.

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