Hafiz Saeed criticise Narendra Modi’s speech in UN General Assembly

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A day after Prime Minister Narendra Modi implied that the UN General Assembly (UNGA) was not the appropriate forum to raise the Kashmir issue, Hafiz Saeed, mastermind of the 26/11 Mumbai terror attack has taken to Twitter to criticise PM Modi.

Saeed said, “India is herself responsible for instability in the region, while perpetual peace cannot be achieved until Kashmir issue is resolved. We appreciate Nawaz Sharif’s straight forward commendable statement on Kashmir at UNGA. It represents National Aspirations in verbatim”

He also said, ” A speech given by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi is merely throwing dust in the eyes of the world on the atrocities carried out on Kashmiri’s. Nawaz Sharif represented true sentiments of Kashmiris and Pakistani people at UNGA and his bold stance has confused Narendra Modi.”

Hafiz Saeed continued with his anti-Indian rhetoric and added that a nation that occupies lands, violates human rights and prosecutes minorities is not a symbol of progress, but a sign of tyranny.

Stating that the UNGA should fulfill its responsibilities by forcing India to abide by UN resolutions, he said, “the real shadow of terror is Indian occupation of Kashmir due to which thousands of Kashmiris have been martyred.”

Hafiz Saeed, who few weeks ago had blamed India for flood in Pakistan, accused India of water aggression, demanded that Pakistan raise the issue on global forums.

Refering to recent floods in Kashmir and Pakistan, he said, ” India has taken an unfair advantage of having an upstream position and used Pakistan’s geographical downstream position against it. India has violated Indus water treaty which specifically only allowed it hydro-electricity and not storage.”

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